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Officials from Guyana And Brazil Discuss Plans for Reopening Border in September

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25th of July, 2020. Region 9, Guyana, South America

Last updated: July 25, 2020 at 10:49 am

Brazilian and Guyanese authorities met yesterday morning, Friday, 24th of July, 2020, in Bonfim, Brazil to discuss migration issues and discuss the development of a plan to reopen the Guyana/Brazil Border.

A presidential decree published in Brazil in March this year (2020) closed the border between Brazil and eight countries, including Guyana, as a measure to confront Covid-19. The borders remain closed.

“We are going to organize a plan and send it to the Federal Government, requesting a gradual reopening, starting in September,” explains the mayor of Bonfim, Joner Chagas.

A new meeting will be scheduled to discuss strategies for reopening the border between the two countries and also to develop an action plan to combat common border crimes in the region, such as smuggling of goods and drug trafficking.

Attending the meeting were the mayor of Bonfim, Joner Chagas, the Regional Chairman of Region 9 of Guyana, Bryan Allicok, the deputy general commander of the Army in Lethem, captain Dane Haynes; Commander-in-Chief of Police in Lethem, Keithon King; Bonfim Health Secretary, Lisete Spies; Bonfim councilor Gil Veras; the commander of the Military Police in Bonfim, captain Gerson Luiz Duarte Júnior; the commander of the 1st Special Border Platoon of the Army in Bonfim, Lieutenant William and the head of the Federal Police outpost in Bonfim, Marcos Antônio Caregnato.

(Translated from the Facebook of the Mayor of Bonfim).

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