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Letter: The Trouble With Power Sharing – by Rudolph Singh

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31st of July, 2020. Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

Last updated: July 31, 2020 at 14:12 pm

Power sharing is a threat to, “Sovereignty belongs to the people.”

Dear Editor,

                  Sh*t happens! I accidentally read a commentary from my list of “will never read again commentators.” This time it was David Hinds, “Hinds’s sight” of July 26th – captioned, “It is a stalemate. Our leaders must begin to talk.”

 After calling for the burning of the ballot boxes” and holding “fresh elections,” Hinds conveniently shifts his narrative in sync with the APNU/AFC call for dialogue to break the political impasse (power sharing).

Hinds slithered, like slime into his new narrative on dialogue by writing, “it is time for the major stakeholders to act in the interest of the country. Failure to do so amounts to a dereliction of their responsibility to the Guyanese people as a whole.” What is conveniently missing from Hinds missive is the concept of democracy –  the fact that “the Guyanese people as a whole” ( Hinds words) had spoken to their leaders by way of ballots to choose a leader to look after their affairs on March 2nd.

The right to elect a Government of their choice by the “Guyanese people as a whole” is the most important fundamental right enshrined in our constitution. Any compromise on power sharing between leaders on both sides of the divide would negate “sovereignty belongs to the people.” Surely Hinds would know that!

Like all the intellectual authors in support of the Coalition, Hinds did not mention a word on how this “stalemate” he alluded to occurred. Not a word about the desecration of the process by Mingo, leading to the recount, and Lowinfield’s attempt to return to Mingo’s fraudulent declaration and the abuse of the courts by APNU to try to make that possible. Since March 2nd, the words “fraud” and “rigging” seems to have been deleted from his vocab.

Despite mentioning that a PPP victory is, “a position supported by the diplomatic community and other observer groups,” the watchdogs of democracy around the globe, he, in all his brilliance, is in the wilderness or grand pretense as to who won the elections. So he mustered the audacity to ask, “Why is this thing not ending? When will there be a winner?” Audacious!

After “burn the ballot boxes” and now, “our leaders must begin to talk,” don’t be surprised if this diabolical luminary mirrors – “Put aside the Constitution, put aside the laws,” in his next missive.

Yours respectfully

Rudolph Singh

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