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Coronavirus: Young Man in Isolation Shares His Story

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3rd of August, 2020. Region 9, Guyana, South America.

COVID-19 has hit the Rupununi of Guyana, South America hard as the infection rates continue to rise. A young Rupununi man shares his experience in isolation in Lethem after his wife, who is a healthcare worker, came in contact with COVID-19 patients and got infected.

This is his story…

As I continue to face these sad moments of life alone in isolation with my one year old baby, my two other kids alone at home and my wife in another separate isolation area, I am asking all my fellow brothers and sister to stay at home and follow all measures to keep your families together and safe…because the things I’m going through are not nice. People tend to hate us, throw remarks at us, treat us like we are animals. Not because we are Amerindian people you look to treat us like your enemies.

For days, my wife performed her duties as a community health worker on the front line dealing with unknown people who were Covid-19 positive in the community…persons who were very disobedient to the measures, persons who take things for granted…persons who never care about their well being…persons who came back to destroy a community and all its people in it😭

A sad day came when it was to be found out that my wife was positive for Covid-19! People in that community, you have destroyed our lives…you have put me and my children at this risk, you have put me like into prison…you have put me to struggle, you have separated my family…you have broken my happy family life!

Looking at the tears of my child everyday and night is very hard as she cries and long to see her mother everyday…this is unfair!😭

I never wished to experience these moments of sadness. My innocent kids NEVER DESERVED THIS!

When would be the day when we will set free? It feels like being here forever. When will I get to see my kids again? There is no time…no date given. I will one day get over this, with my strong faith in God, I know things will be safe.

To the peoples in all communities, please I beg you please, do the right thing! I never wish for your family to experience this. EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO BE HAPPY and loved by both parents together.

To the people of Shulinab and Quiko…you have lost your Community Health Worker! I ask that you all remain safe! Stay at home! Help your village Toshau and Councillors. Be the whistle blowers for persons who are still coming across from the Brazil border area…save your community! Save your children and yourself from this deadly virus. Also I beg you to remember us in your prayers so that one day my kids will be happy again.

Thank you

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