Wed. Aug 10th, 2022
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    Dr. Josh Kanhai, a young medical professional and emerging political leader of Guyana, South America, has made a statement today that he is determined to follow through with the process of bringing Mr. Keith Lowenfield to justice for his unlawful and contrary actions while serving as the Chief Elections Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission. Dr. Kanhai explained that he is doing this in the spirit of discouraging persons from embarking on such fraudulent actions while serving in a public capacity.

    While serving as the Chief Elections Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission for the March 2020 elections, Mr. Lowenfield had disregarded directives from the GECOM chair and attempted to submit an elections report based on fictitious figures. This action was repeated on several occasions.

    Mr. Lowenfield, in his capacity as CEO, had displayed strong partisan bias in favor of the then APNU/AFC government. However, after the APNU/AFC lost a number of court cases and strong warnings were issued from the local and international communities, Mr. Lowenfield finally prepared his report which reflected the CARICOM certified recount results. This led to the democratic transition of government in Guyana five months after the March 2, 2020 elections.

    Statement from Dr. Josh Kanhai

    Ms. Volda Lawrence avoiding the court summons.
    We still can’t find Mingo to give him his court summons.

    It seems that people want to act against the laws of Guyana, commit crimes against the people of Guyana and evade the consequences. Mr. Lowenfield thought he could have done the same, however the trickster got tricked.

    In today’s session, Mr. Huges (Mr. 33>34) and Mr. Boston would have argued that we must present our statements to the court. We would have refused to do such today, not because we don’t have but because Mr. Huges would have asked for the DPP’s intervention and only yesterday a letter was sent to my lawyers so that they can make copies of our statement and send to the DPP. This is currently ongoing and we would not have produced these documents to the court today and disrepect the DPP.

    Magistrate McGusty took into consideration the judgement of the DPP and placed the next court date to 24th August, 2020 at 0900 hrs. She also noted that she would be going on leave for three weeks from next week so we are currently unaware of who will continue the proceedings on the set date. No need to worry as we are sure that the DPP will allow the case to proceed against Mr. Lowenefield and the magistrate filling in for McGusty will only see before him legitimate and true evidence against Mr. Lowenfield.

    I have been hearing the chants to make him an example and I 100% agree with the demand of the Guyanese. For far too long we would have let blatant atrocities slide and become forgotten but “this na lang time!” My lawyers are committed in seeing this case through to the end and have Mr. Lowenfield serve his time behind bars. I am fearless and we #keepmovingforward with the cases against Mr. Lowenefield, Mr. Mingo and Ms. Volda Lawrence.

    Have a grand lunch.
    God bless Guyana. ???? We will transform this country for ALL!

    -Dr. Josh Kanhai
    14th August, 2020.

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    Joe Terwal
    Joe Terwal
    1 year ago

    Lowenfield may be dealt with as harshly as possible. Examples of this abuse of power have been happening for too long. The government and people must take a stand now.

    RICARDO Persaud
    1 year ago

    Lowingfield should be made to pay for his attempt to rigged the election in favor of APNU

    1 year ago

    The blatant and deliberate actions of Lowenfield to rob Guyanese of their constitutional right to let their collective voice be heard at the polls MUST not be a rumour but an example of how justice must prevail. Rigging an election for his affiliated political party should have LIFE INPRISONMENT and thus would definitely be a deterrent for others in the future. JUSTICE FOR GUYANESE IN A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY.

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