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COVID-19 in Guyana is Real – Dr. Josh Kanhai

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19th of August, 2020. Georgetown, Guyana, South America

Last updated: August 19, 2020 at 21:10 pm

#COVID19Guyana is real, it’s life threatening and it has been described as “suffering while you’re conscious.”

Much more testing is ongoing across Guyana, therefore we can expect an increase in the number of cases. Additionally, the number of COVID-19 positive patients needing medical attention has increased over the weeks and this has placed the hospitals under a bit of a strain. Also, the processing time for the test has increased and this is going to be solved by the initiative to have more technicians trained in the PCR test as well as possibly having a new PCR testing machine in house soon.

Help us help you!

– Wear your #mask ALL the time. Inside, outside, private, public etc. Proper mask hygiene is important and I recommend you check WHO guidelines or check a video I made of this or visit Youtube for more details on mask hygiene.
#Sanitize your hands frequently or anytime you would have touched any surface. No hand shakes or high fives.
– Maintain 3 – 6 feet of #socialphysicaldistancing as to protect you and your love ones.
– If you have symptoms or have been around a positive patient, then you would need to be swabbed and while waiting for the results, you begin to self isolate. Help us help you.
– Adhere to the new guidelines set out by the MOH concerning curfew, gathering, transportation etc. Many have complained about the curfew but that 9PM was to facilitate the economy through the private sector. Being responsible adults is all we are asking of you.

Protecting yourself from this deadly disease means protecting your family and loved ones. COVID 19 isn’t politically influenced at all. As I have said, ” COVID 19 is real!”

You can save a life. Do not act irresponsible now. Be paranoid about your hand and respiratory hygiene.

God bless 🙏🏻🇬🇾

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