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Letter: Ministry of Education Needs to Consult with Teachers

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26th of August, 2020. Georgetown, Guyana, South America

Last updated: August 26, 2020 at 15:17 pm

Dear Editor,

A matter of serious concern. Nationwide, teachers have been home due to the global pandemic. However, no comprehensive format nor plan has been put in place by the previous nor currently present administration.

A lot of talk and ignorance has spewed from many so-called educated mouths. But my question is for the present administration. We know that in order for schools to adequately become COVID friendly, infrastructure will be key in this process and spending moneys will be inevitable for such a project.

Thus nothing will be ready until 2021. The idea of virtual classrooms will only cater to those within a WiFi vicinity. So what plan would be in place for those without? Have you attempted to meet with those at the grass root level for suggestions?

Most Regional departments are also closed due to the COVID issue. With all the talks about the nations future, everyone has failed to consult the hands that rock the cradles. No communication has been sought-after with the bottom feeders. So how effective will any of these plans be?

Then the next thing you’ll hear is “Teachers Salaries gotta cut, cause them ain’t doing nothing.” But yet, to date, you have failed to have a plan in place. A plan which should have been thought of since March, to fix a situation should your government be victorious. You are currently in government, come on now, please deliver a comprehensive temporary plan. #WeMoldTheNation


Concerned teacher.

Editor’s Note: The Minister of Education has reaffirmed that there are no plans to cut the salaries of teachers or school cleaners.

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