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    29th of August, 2020. Georgetown, Guyana, South America

    Last updated: August 29, 2020 at 15:31 pm

    This article makes reference to the article published by Inews Guyana on the 26th of August, 2020: Disunity, Power Struggle in PNC Worsened Under Aloof Granger.

    Dear Editor,

    I write in response to an article carried in the Inews Guyana printed media dated 8/26/20. Captioned “Disunity Power Struggle worsened under ‘aloof’ Granger former party executive.”

    Let me be clear, I embrace democracy in all its forms! As such I have never been silent when wrongs are committed by govts etc. I love free speech and I’ve never shied away from exercising that right. At one time, I penned letters to the printed media almost on a daily basis, to point out multiple instances of bad governance. My name is always attached to my letter because I fearlessly represent my views.

    However, it has been brought to my attention that an article in Inews Guyana online media outlet claimed/suggested that I wrote some letter to them or some other media, to express my views regarding PNCR. Let me be crystal clear, I have not written a letter to the media for more than two months and I have never had the opportunity to have any of my views published by Inews Guyana. I therefore, call on Inews Guyana or any media house/houses to show me the letter I wrote them on said topic, or produce any evidence that they would have received any communication from me regarding same.

    I usually email my letters to the press so there must be an email trail. Please note, I am not afraid to represent my views anywhere but I will not sit quietly and allow anyone person, or organization to misrepresent or misinform the public of my views, position and how, or if I shared those views with them. That kind of bold deception I do not arbor. Good journalism would dictate that you do not deceive the public as to how you come by what you purport as news.

    Journalistic ethics would also require of you to not twist information to sensationalize or manufacture truth. I decide if I share my views with any person or news outlet, and I am never afraid to share my views. Hence, seek my permission first before you claim that I write to you. So, if I did not speak to any of you or share my views with you, please don’t indicate that I did so. I value the importance of the media and considers its responsibility to inform the public with the unadulterated truth very important. Unlike the regular man in the street or infrequent social media blogger, those who operate news outlet are held to a higher standard. That standard is what distinguishes you from an everyday rabble rouser or blogger.

    I will call out those who I believe have abrogated that sacred responsibility to practice good and ethical journalism! I know this is not new in the environment in which we live, but in far as you implicate me in your unethical business, I will respond. Integrity and credibility also apply to news organizations. Let me close by repeating that I am never afraid to express my views!


    Lurlene Nestor

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