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Guyana/Brazil Border to Remain Closed for 30 More Days

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30th of August, 2020. Region 9, Guyana, South America

Last updated: August 31, 2020 at 9:10 am

The Brazilian Government has announced last Friday, 28th of August, 2020, the decision to keep the border with both Guyana and Venezuela closed for 30 more days. This decision was made in the light of rising COVID-19 cases in both Guyana and Brazil. That means that the Guyana/Brazil border will remain closed up to the end of September when the situation will be reviewed again.

Although Brazil has a significantly higher infection rate of COVID-19 than both Guyana and Venezuela, the Brazilian Health Authorities have made the decision in the interest of minimizing the spread of the disease for all countries involved. The Brazilian Health Ministry has also said that hospitals in the northern State of Roraima which borders Guyana and Venezuela are under strain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, any influx of patients from neighboring countries would overload the medical system.

This is also seen as welcome news to Guyana since the risk of COVID-19 infections coming from Brazil is greater due to the higher number of cases in Brazil which is seen as the epicenter of the coronavirus in South America. As of 30th of August, 2020, Guyana has recorded a total of 1184 confirmed coronavirus cases, 34 deaths and 636 recoveries leaving 511 active cases. Meanwhile, Brazil has so far recorded over 3.8 million COVID-19 cases, over 120,000 COVID-19 deaths and over 3 million recoveries leaving 700,000 active cases.

The border between Guyana and Brazil will continue to be opened every Thursday only to facilitate the import of much needed Brazilian goods into Guyana.

Brazil has also closed all other borders with neighboring countries including Suriname, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Bolivia and has halted flights from neighboring countries into its border states.

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