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Pastor’s Wife Recounts Horrifying Attack on Family by “Protestors”

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8th of September, 2020. Guyana, South America

Last updated: September 8, 2020 at 21:47 pm

Hello everyone …First of all let me start by saying I strongly condemn the senseless and brutal killing of the Henry Boys. My prayers and sympathies goes out to their family.

Secondly I forgive those who attacked me and my family on Sunday night. They beat my husband, Pastor Premraj Parshotam who needs no introduction. He’s known for his personality just because he happens to be Indian. Bear in mind that he’s married to a mixed woman..yes that’s right ..I have Blackman Blood flowing in my veins.

He pastors not one (1) but 2 churches that has brethren of all the six (6) races. Actually both are predominantly made up of more Negro ppl than Indians. While beating him (and he’s not even trying to resist any of the blows ..he stood there and took every blow all the while telling them he’s a pastor and all we want is to get home …telling them he’s a pastor …but their response was..”we don’t want to hear that…coolie kill blackman, so tonight we gonna kill ayuh coolie”…all the while cussing.

While beating him, one searching his pockets asking him ..wha yuh get..wha yuh get. While they’re doing that to him, my two sons age 18 and 12 are in the vehicle. My 12 year old screaming scared and God knows what was going through his mind.

They opened my side of the vehicle ..pulled me out…demanded I give them what I have. I willingly comply because as a mother all am.thinking is …give them.everything and they wouldn’t touch my kids ..and they didn’t…I thank God for that.

They threw a bicycle repeatedly on the vehicle windscreen, making sure it’s broken. After emptying my bag on the road and taking what they wanted, they took my sons backpack that had his laptop.

But I serve a faithful God, A JUST God. Three (3) or four (4) negro boys came up to me, one held on to my hand and said “aunty come with me walk with us .Walk normal.We will help you and your family.”

While walking I begged two persons who were standing on their steps watching as the ordeal unfolds to please help my two (2) sons ..just let them hide in the yard …just my 2 sons…both individuals said, “no..not my yard…don’t open my gate.”

I think I understand why they responded that way. We continue to walk towards a police vehicle while one person keep saying..take them to the back street….I don’t know for what for sure but you and my guess are probably the same. But one guy keep saying ..No..let’s take them to the police van.

The rest is all blur to me…I can only recall seeing the police by our vehicle (yes,after we were robbed, beaten and our vehicle vandalized). I begged them to escort us out of there. They did.Thank You officers.

My husband drove (not seeing properly) all the way back to my parent’s house in Enmore. I thank God for life. And I still have my family.

Don’t say you’re protesting because you want justice and you’re robbing, beating and damaging people’s vehicle. I was there. I went through it. So I know. How can I be racial when half of my family side is Negro? Who knows me know who and of what race my father is. He is a “blackman.” And my mom a “coolie.” So yes .that makes me mixed. So please..don’t come to me with racial talks

God bless you all.To the boys who helped me and my family …THANK YOU THANK YOU. GOD WILL SURELY REWARD YOU FOR THE KINDNESS YOU SHOWED TO MY FAMILY.

Pastor Prem’s Wife, Sabrina
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