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    24th of September, 2020. Georgetown, Guyana, South America

    Last updated: September 24, 2020 at 11:22 am

    Dear Editor,

    To be very honest, I am hesitant of publishing my students’ grades because I know these students and these results are just not adding up.

    CXC wants us to believe that students messed up repeated multiple choice exams AND that teachers submitted false SBA scores. CXC eyes pass people.

    In a subject like EDPM, how did CXC assess ‘Speed and Accuracy’ using a paper 1 test? Whoever finishes the paper first? Who recorded that? How did most of the students get a ‘C’ for ‘Speed and Accuracy’ when this wasn’t assessed in paper 1?

    Some schools had their entire center given an Ungraded grade for whatever reasons. How did CXC allow an entire center to get an ungraded result? Nobody did quality checks on this?

    Now students have to pay US$30 per review of a subject when CXC collected fees to print paper 2s but didn’t administer p2 exams. They gave no refund and said nothing about it. What happened to those funds? And now people have to give you money to investigate yourself to say you’re not trash? Wow.

    Now, if CXC is to correct these anomalies, who is to say that people should trust the second result more than the first and not the first more than the second? It’s just a mess created all because CXC refused to listen and hold p2 exams. Now they are trying to save their faces and want to say the students performed like they usually do year after year, when everybody knows the 2020 exam was watered down with repeated questions in an invalid paper 1 test.

    I’ll give CXC a chance to sort out their mess. Will they? They better… but CXC seems to be manned by arrogant people who don’t listen. When teachers all across the Caribbean asked them to rethink their decision to do this paper 1 and SBA, they didn’t listen. So now we’re here- in a big mess. I won’t be surprised if they don’t listen again.

    Anyway…. Like my friend said, I will continue my stories, because unlike some of the grades, my students’ success stories are very valid.


    Jamain Hatton

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