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Humanitarian Mission Guyana: Generating Income Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

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29th of September, 2020. Guyana, South America

Last updated: September 29, 2020 at 14:04 pm

Thousands are affected by the Corona virus pandemic: some without jobs and unable to put food on the table. The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security and the Humanitarian Mission Guyana Inc. has collaborated once again to provide assistance to those in need and seek to generate an income by starting or growing their small business.

Charlene DeCosta Cameron who is a cook stated in a brief interview that she has a small business and prepares fish and chips on the weekend and was on the verge of expanding her small business but due to the pandemic, she was unable to do so. “We came together and we did our work from our small kitchen. We are working to establish a bigger and better working environment for our business. Also, we are in the process of expanding a shop that we have with which we do a daily business of providing snacks for children, pasties and food,” Ms. Cameron stated.

Ms. DeCosta Cameron also highlighted that she manages the business along with her two sisters and is very grateful for the assistance received from the Humanitarian Mission Guyana Inc.

Shop Keeper, Ms. Allana Kissoon, was also a recipient of support from the Humanitarian Mission and mentioned that a little courage moved her to seek much needed assistance to start and grow her business. “I came into the Ministry and I was able to get some assistance from the Humanitarian Mission,” Kissoon said.

The young woman explained that she is no longer without a job and is positively motivated. Donations were given by through the Humanitarian Mission Guyana, Inc., and its donors, Suresh Singh (Six Star Auto, NY) and Indera Coggins (Realtor from Maryland).

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