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Unemployed Mother of Two Whose Husband was Paralyzed by Bandits Attack Reaches Out for Help

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17th of October, 2020. Guyana, South America

Last updated: October 17, 2020 at 14:23 pm

A woman whose husband was left paralyzed by a bandit attack last year has reached out to this publication for help in getting assistance. She relates that she finds it hard to find employment during the pandemic. Compounding the matter is the fact that she has to provide for two young children aged 13 and 16 years in addition to caring for her wounded husband.

Last Wednesday, 14th of October, 2020, Amiena Singh of Enmore Village wrote in to this publication with the following message:

My husband has been beaten and robbed and six of his neck bones are damaged and his spinal cord is damaged. He was beaten and robbed by three guys. I don’t know if you could help us and we really need help. This (picture above) is how my husband is right now. And I have two kids and during the coronavirus (pandemic) I cannot work anywhere.

The woman has provided the following WhatsApp screenshots as evidence and explanation of what she (and her family) is enduring.

She has also provided the following screenshots of medical reports to fortify her story.

Team Guyana, South America calls on all Charitable Organizations across Guyana to reach out this family and offer whatever assistance you can. We also call on all relevant governmental organizations which are in the capacity to assist such causes to please do so. Further, we call on all philanthropists and humanitarians to kindly reach out and assist this family. And finally, we pray that this family finds the help and comfort they need to endure this difficult period.

Mrs. Amiena Singh can be contacted on the following cell number: (592) 656 5500 (WhatsApp Available).

Mrs. Singh relates that she knows one of the bandits who has committed the gruesome attack, but says that nothing is being done to apprehend or charge him or the other two who are still free and at large.

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