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Police Return Phone and Bribe Money to Vashti Jagdat

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5th November, 2020. Region 6, Guyana, South America.

This article is a sequel to: Young Woman in Legal Battle After Pornographic Video Goes Viral.

The police have returned the phone seized from Ms. Vashti Jagdat along with the $30,000 in bribe money that certain officers had demanded that she pay. This is according to the young woman.

Ms. Jagdat relates that on the 3rd of November, 2020, she received a call from the police asking her to report to the Whim Police Station where she will uplift her phone and money. The young woman complied and arrived at the station around 1:30 pm on Wednesday, 4th of November, 2020.

Upon arriving at the Whim Police Station, Ms. Jagdat encountered the same officers who had seized her phone at Rose Hall. She said that the officers were polite and apologetic as they returned her possessions. She was told that her phone is clean and is everything is OK.

A senior officer at the station also asked Ms. Jagdat how she would like to proceed with the allegations against the police officer who had summoned her to the Rose Hall Police Station. To this, Ms. Jagdat replied that she would not like to pursue the matter since is happy that her items were returned and would like everyone to move on with their lives.

She further relates that she has forgiven the police officers who had subjected her to the ordeal and hopes that they conduct themselves better in the future. She also hopes that the GPF will be lenient in disciplining the young officer.

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