Tue. May 17th, 2022
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    15th of December, 2020. Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

    Last updated: December 15, 2020 at 20:48 pm

    As the working lunch organized by President Ali to exchange ideas with former presidents for Guyana’s development is set to begin at around midday today, 15th of December, 2020 the office of the President has confirmed that the most recent head of state, Retired Brigadier David Granger, has declined the information.

    Attending the meeting today are (Vice President) Dr. Bharrat Jadgeo, former President under the PPP/C, Mr. Donald Ramotar and former Prime Minister under the PPP/C, Mr. Samuel Hinds. Mr. Hinds had served for a short period of time as President under the PPP/C.

    President Ali had sent out the invitations to the former heads of state about 2 weeks ago via the Minister of Governance, Mrs. Gail Texeira, who later related that Mr. Granger has declined the invitation and will not be attending the meeting.

    In a separate statement, Mr. Granger indicated that he would not be attending the meeting because there are important issues to be resolved with the PPP/C administration before such a meeting can be deemed appropriate.

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