Tue. May 17th, 2022
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    6th of February, 2021, Region 6, Guyana, South America

    Last updated: February 6, 2021 at 15:32 pm

    Dear Editor,

    Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to inspire our foreign and local friends who might be looking for an idea for their next big investment.One word, “BERBICE!”

    Sir, we in Berbice, specifically those of us on the Corentyne, have always felt a bit left out of all these grand developments that have been taking place in Guyana. The average Berbician travelling from the Corentyne to Georgetown to conduct business, spends on average ten thousand dollars on each trip. If our investor friends consider building one of these fancy malls, or any place that can satisfy one’s recreational needs in Berbice, I’m sure profits will be just as attractive if not better as when one chooses to build in Georgetown.

    See, all this money that we spend on transportation alone can be spent in such a place if one were to invest in one, here in Berbice. Editor, I am not qualified in economics, but don’t be misled by this, as I am one of the average Berbician who will travel with my family to “Georgetown” just so that my family can enjoy a little bit of the better part of what Guyana has to offer; specifically using the escalator at the Giftland Mall, eating at one of the many food joints in the food court or even the fun rides at “Fun City.” (Oh, how I wish we had even one Burger King, DQ or Pizza Hut here, as I am sure do so many others.)

    As petty as it might sound, the deficiency in recreational activities (pandemic aside) has created a great demand for same in this county, and having a great demand for a service would be good for business, don’t you think?

    Kind regards,

    Hopeful Berbician

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