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    20th of February, 2021. Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

    Last updated: February 20, 2021 at 22:21 pm

    Untrained Teachers in the Classroom Will Soon Become a Thing of the Past.

    Minister of education – hon. priya manickchand

    The Ministry of Education of Guyana, South America has announced that it is rolling out a program to have all Guyanese teachers trained in the near future. And this will be done through an online program that will allow teachers to complete training anywhere there is a computer with internet connection – and possibly even through the use of handheld devices such as smartphones.

    On this note, the Ministry of Education is encouraging all Guyanese teachers to send in their applications for the Trained Teacher’s Program NOW. If you are having problems, there are support numbers you can call for personalized assistance (see below.)

    Being a trained teacher means a higher salary and greater proficiency, and that translates to more capable teachers and an improved classroom experience in schools across the country.

    The Minister of Education, Ms. Manickchand, posted the following notice on her Facebook Page yesterday, 20th of February, 2021.

    Did you always dream of going to CPCE? Have you been told before you can’t? Are you in a school teaching already? Well, friends, we are going fully online at the College. We are going to be able to train everyone who needs to be trained.

    If you are not eligible yet then apply to the same college to be upgraded so you can become eligible.We are quickly moving to a place where we want all our teachers to be trained, and where it will be old fashioned and archaic to have untrained teachers in the classroom.

    Don’t be left behind. And don’t let anyone tell you there is “no space.” Apply now.

    For those who have been calling me to say they have been applying for years now without response, if you have any difficulty call 225-8511 or 226-3094 or 223-1128

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