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National Award For Selected Persons Who Fought For Guyana’s Democracy

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First Published: 1st of March, 2021

Last updated: March 1, 2021 at 22:51 pm

President Ali Announces National Award for Selected Persons Who Fought for Guyana’s Democracy Post Elections 2020.

The President has announced that he is rolling out the “Order of Democracy,” Award: an Award to be bestowed upon persons foremost in the fight for Guyana’s democracy last year between March 2 and August 2, 2020.

Statement by His Excellency, President Irfaan Ali

One year has passed since the General and Regional Elections of 2nd March 2020. The Guyanese people went out to vote peacefully and orderly on that day, little suspecting that, after the counting of the votes at the places of poll, a devious plot would be triggered to subvert the democratic will of the people.

Fortunately, this plot did not succeed. The Guyanese people were determined to resist and repel the public mischief which was being orchestrated. Were it not for the vigilance, courage and resoluteness of our Guyanese people, supported by the international community and witnessed by the international election observers, our country would have returned to the dark days of tyranny.

Brave men and women – of all ages, classes, ethnicity and political affiliation – came together in a heroic battle to defend our Motherland from one of its gravest threats: the attempt to trample the democratic will of the people.

This defense of this right and the fact that it enjoyed the support of a wide cross section of fair-minded Guyanese manifested our people’s resolve to live in a free society as “One People, One Nation, One Destiny.”

March 2nd has therefore become a celebration of our people’s stoic defense of democracy. It represents the determination of our people to maintain Guyana as a democratic state which respects the rule of law, the separation of powers and the expressed will of the people through free and fair elections.

I have taken the decision to institute a national award, the Order of Democracy, in recognition of the contributions of those individuals and organizations who defied the riggers and defended our democracy. The names of those to be invested with the Order of Democracy will be announced later this year.

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