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Their Falsehood is Profound

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First Published: 4th of March, 2021

Last updated: March 5, 2021 at 11:13 am

Dear Editor,

Their theatrics know no bounds and it’s childish. On this very day, Mingo was taken away by an Ambulance, and, one year later, Parliament, the house of representatives, is in limbo over a problem that’s blown out of proportion.

When will Guyana move forward? The opposition sit in their capacity as opposition but seems to have the need to be given attention as if they were government. That’s something you have to work for, not by rigging but by truly representing the people you claim to represent.

Get into a mature mentality and stop crying wolf. Let today’s session go on and quit acting like a child, throwing tantrums, when you don’t get your way.

To the democratically elect government, I ask you to try your level best to ignore the immature MPs. Some people are just looking for attention. One year ago, they tried very hard to rig the election and even before that election occurred, they tried very hard to stymie the processes.

Its the same they’re trying to do at the moment. Mr. Speaker, I, as a private citizen, ask that your pronouncements hold steadfast and the proceedings of the day move along with or without the Opposition.

An investigation was launched into yesterday’s situation and it was announced by the yourself using proper English language. Opposition members ask yourself who you’ll benefit by doing this or ask if the country will benefit? Let the pride and egos go!

It’s disappointing to watch you young people behave like this. Is this the example you’re setting for the future? You have failed everyday to be a true opposition MP and in doing so you’ve failed Guyana. You can fail yourselves but you’ll not fail this country further. We will #keepmovingforward.

-Dr. Josh Kanhai.

March 4th, 2021.

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