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    First Published: 29th of March, 2021

    Last updated: March 30, 2021 at 4:42 am

    Shaheed “Roger” Khan, has today, 29th of March, 2021, delivered a solemn yet compelling speech at the funeral service of the recently slain Ricardo Fagundes. Fagundes was gunned down in front of Palm Court Nightclub on the night of Sunday, 21st of March, 2021 at around 9 PM.

    Khan Said that Ricardo “is” His “Son.”

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Roger, and there are many things said about my relationship with Ricardo. The first thing I want to do is clarify my relationship with Ricardo. He’s not my friend. He’s not my associate. He’s not a worker. He’s my son.

    shaheed roger khan – march 29th, 2021

    An Attack on My Home and Family

    Ricardo lives in my home. He lived in my home before I went to prison, and he was there for me when I came out. He picked me up from prison, from Eve Leary, when I was released, and he has never left my side. The night that he died, he was by my side. This is an attack on my home and my family.

    Khan Said Ricardo Died in His Place

    Khan said he is convinced that the killers had come to kill him, but they got Ricardo instead.

    Make no mistake. Ricardo died in my place. Every single one of those bullets were meant for me. All twenty-something of those bullets were meant for me. I’m standing here speaking to you as from the grave. That night, only God knows how greater of a tragedy was avoided…as Ricardo’s niece was in Palm Court with me…Becky was in Palm Court with me….

    Khan Quotes Bible Verses

    Speaking at the funeral of the slain man, the former cartel boss quoted a Bible verse, “it is appointed for men to die once, ” conceding that it was Ricardo’s time to die.

    There is a verse in the bible that says, in Hebrews 9:27, that, “It is appointed for man to die once, and after this the judgement.” You have to believe if you will, that it was his appointed time. I’m standing here today even though I (would willingly trade) places with Ricardo.

    If the Justice System Fails, the Hearts of Men Will Become Enraged

    Khan said, during his speech, that the yearning for justice is a natural human tendency endowed upon us by our Creator, and if the state fails in this case, the hearts of men will be enraged.

    I’m going to tell you something. When state security…that night, state security apparatus failed Ricardo. It failed him. And in the past week, the state security investigations has failed him and his family. And I’m telling you…history…history…can tell us that when there is no state security, lawlessness will prevail. The hearts of men bleed for justice. It’s a natural, God given, unalienable thing that God has given to man to strive for justice. And this act here…this injustice…if the police do not investigate this crime…and follow the evidence instead of following the money or any other motive, the hearts of men will become enraged.

    Khan Said that Ricardo “Gave Love.”

    Ricardo was not a financially wealthy person, but you have to understand who this guy is. Ricardo gave love. He invested in people. He never, no matter, he was always there for me. And he has never allowed anyone to disrespect me to my face. In this life, Ricardo gave love and he got love in return.

    Khan Suggested that the Police’s Response Was Idle and Suspicious

    Khan, in his speech, sent some strong messages to law enforcement officials virtually accusing them of underhandedness and possible involvement in the murder of Ricardo Fugundes.

    This is not an incident that we can move on from that easily. This was an attack on everyone who loves Ricardo. I want to share with you and clarify some things that happened that night. We arrived at Palm Court at 8:42. The assassins arrived at 9:42.

    I presumably believe that Ricardo left to bring the car around. When he approached that vehicle, they were alerted that the driver was coming. He was mowed down by a hail of bullets. Ladies and gentlemen, that car stayed there for about twenty minutes – a stolen car with stolen plates. And with at least two gunmen inside with high powered weapons. They were not phased. Then they drove for 30 minutes along the East Bank. They drove from Palm Court for 30 minutes…28 minutes…they drove from Palm Court all the way to the most populous highway in Guyana – unencumbered by a single police patrol vehicle.

    A “Signature” of Police Involvement or Complacency.

    In what may seem like coded language to some, it was clear as day that Khan was saying that he is strongly convinced that the police is either knowledgeable about or is complacent in the murder of Ricardo Faguntes.

    “This assassination has a particular signature to it, especially in the light of the police posture over the past week. This crime has not ever reached to Eve Leary. That is a particular signature to this investigation. State cameras are not working. The police are not following evidence in this matter.

    “It is common practice for police to erect roadblocks when these kinds of things happen. It did not happen that night.”

    Khan Appeals to President Ali

    Turning his attention to the camera of the media houses, Khan appealed to the President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, Dr. Irfaan Ali.

    I’m calling on the President. I’m appealing to the President of Guyana. Mr. President, I’m asking you to give this investigation the same attention that you gave the Henry boys.

    Mr. President, I’m calling on the international community as well…this assassination is recorded and spread all over the world yet not a word…not a word from anyone. For some reason, for some reason, I believe that this investigation has been compromised. I’m asking for a clean and impartial investigation into this crime.

    Roger Khan Said He’s “Angry and Upset.”

    I’m sorry that I could not use my time to share fun memories of Ricardo, but I’m angry. I’m upset.

    Khan Accused Police of Negligence, Harassment of Ricardo’s Family

    You don’t have to look further into this case than the posture of the Guyana Police Force over the past week…intimidating family members at the wake…intimidating…harassing people at the vigil. All of a sudden they have the manpower and the resources to harass and intimidate the family and supporters of Ricardo.

    Khan Calls For Justice With a Clenched Fist

    Towards the end of his speech, raising a clenched fist, Khan asked the crowd to raise a clenched fist to indicate their determination to bring Ricardo’s killers to justice.

    If you’re here with me, and if you demand justice for Ricardo, just put a signed fist up in the air for me. And let the government…let everybody see…that we stand with Ricardo in life and death.

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