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Pirara Bridge Collapses Under the Weight of Truck

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11th of April, 2021. Region 9, Guyana, South America.

Last updated: April 11, 2021 at 14:23 pm

The Pirara Bridge along the Lethem-Linden Trail has last evening, 10 of April, 2021, collapsed under the weight of motor lorry GPP 7704.

The Pirara Bridge is located about 30 minutes’ drive from Lethem along the Lethem-Linden trail. It is part of the designated point of transit for merchandise flowing in and out of Region 9.

The photo above shows the point of collapse of the Pirara Bridge last evening. The driver is lucky that part of the truck had advanced to the point of the standing structure, or, presumably, it would have been plunged beneath the bridge with a very high chance of smashing the supporting posts resulting in a greater collapse.

This bridge was an accident waiting to happen. Why do we, as Guyanese, have to wait until a disaster strikes to act? What if someone had lost their life?

Update: Lethem Town Council Visits Pirara Bridge

Deputy Mayor Debra King, Town Clerk, Mr King- Councillor of the RDC, and staff this morning visited the Piara Bridge. A 50ft section on the southern end of the Bridge collapsed as a truck heading from Lethem was crossing. As of this morning, the fuel tanker of the Lethem Power Company Inc. along with others are stuck on the other side of the bridge. Presently the Bridge is inaccessible to all types of traffic. The Lethem Town Council advises persons to proceed with extreme caution in the area.

lethem town council via facebook

According to intelligence gathered, the structure had been in a compromised state needing repairs for about two years.

A post made in Rupununi News by PC Internet and Tech Shop since November 2019 reads: Pirara Bridge remains unfixed, and motorists, tourists, and other travelers risk life and property damage while traversing it since the alternative route is impassable due to the rising of the river. It’s a disaster waiting to happen, and heavy vehicles like fuel tankers and trucks will be affected, and in turn Lethem.

A Photo of the Pirara Bridge Taken by Tourist David Fernandes.

Apparently, the needed repairs weren’t executed in time leading to the eventuality of this disaster which had been waiting to happen.

The Pirara Bridge runs over a tributary of the Ireng River. The Ireng River forms part of Guyana’s border with Brazil. At Karasabai in the North Rupununi, for example, residents often cross the Ireng River enter the Brazilian town of Normandy.

A beautiful overhead shot of the Pirara Bridge compliments of Waikin Ranch.

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Lethem Town Council Photo
Lethem Town Council Photo
Lethem Town Council Photo
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