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Blue Print Real Estate on a Mission to Revolutionize Guyana’s Real Estate Sector

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First Published: 25th of April, 2021

Last updated: April 25, 2021 at 12:58 pm

100 Persons for Employment Countrywide

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA, APRIL 22, 2021: Blue Print Real Estate (BPRE) is pleased to announce the launch of its office in Georgetown, Guyana. Blue Print Real Estate is owned and operated by Guyanese Zalena Khan. 

BPRE plans to revolutionize the way the sector does business in Guyana and was developed to meet all the necessary demands by the various sectors in light of Guyana’s current economic boom from the oil and gas sector. 

They will be providing a suite of real estate services like buying, selling, or property renting, property management, real estate advice, compliance, valuation, drafting of all documentation (Agreement of sale & purchase, power of attorney), relocation, full renovation services, construction, property maintenance, security services, and more.

The highest on its agenda, as part of the services to be provided, is the handling of matters relating to homeowners who live abroad and require assistance in caretaking or assistance with property management, as well as providing assistance to Homeowners who have property disputes by providing strategic advice or consultations on the way forward. 

CEO of BPRE, Zalena Khan said “There are many Guyanese who migrated leaving their properties unattended. Those properties most times are left empty, unattended and deteriorate over time, or become the subject of fraud in some instances. Now we are here and will be providing representation for these homeowners by professionally managing their properties and offering services such as security, renovations construction, maintenance, amongst many other.” 

Cognizant of the upward trajectory Guyana is poised to see in the coming years, the company has now set in motion a mechanism to ensure Guyanese returning home, as well as ex-pats, will be provided a world-class real estate service that is second to none. This will also see the company hiring more than 100 real estate officers countrywide.

Khan further added, “With the influx of oil and gas workers and migrants returning to their homeland, there is a surge of investment and a demand for a professional and reliable real estate service and this is what we will provide for our customers.”

In addition, Khan said “Our clients are our greatest priority and it is our goal to ensure every client is satisfied and comfortable with the services we provided for them. Our values guide everything we do which develops and defines our culture, our brand, our business strategies, and who we are as professionals in today’s corporate world. ”

BPRE is affiliated with some of Guyana’s well-known and prominent names such as BM Soat Auto, Cimgro Construction (The developers of Maraiko Bay), and other local and international real estate companies such as Trinidadian-based real estate company, Royal Jordanian Real Estate. 

For more information visit BPRE’s office at 83 Lamaha Street, Georgetown, call them on +592-676-3405, +592-652-1621, or visit their website on


Prepared by AA Cwyn’s Domain 

For Blue Print Real Estate, Contact: Melissa Khan 676-3405 

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