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Rising Water Level Drives Fear into the Hearts of Region 7 Residents

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9th of August 2021. Region 7, Guyana, South America

Last updated: August 9, 2021 at 9:10 am

An unprecedented and continuous rise in the water level due to heavy rainfall in Region 7 has left residents in a state of trepidation. The water has been rising continuously over the past several months and shows no signs of slowing down. People have already reported the deaths of cattle, fowls, sheep, and other animals as a result of the consistent and worsening flooding which shows no signs of slowing up.

“The rain has been falling heavily over the past several months,” said one resident. “And as a result of the heavy rainfall, the water level of the Cuyuni river has been rising steadily. It had risen in previous years due to heavy rainfall, but it had never reached this level. Already, some of my horses and cows have died.”

Affected villages include Eturengbang, Cumang, and Korotukuh. The photos below show how things were before the flood. What’s worse is that the rising of the water shows no signs of slowing down. Farms have been inundated, animal lives lost, and property destroyed by the water. Businesses have come to a screeching halt as a result of this combined with the ongoing pandemic. People are at their wits ends. They don’t know what to do.

Team Guyana, South America calls on the relevant government offices to look into this situation and render whatever assistance is possible to the residents of these communities.

Photos of Before the Flooding

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