Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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    2nd of September, 2021. Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

    Last updated: September 2, 2021 at 15:34 pm

    A Guyanese citizen going about his day to day activities yesterday, 1st of September, 2021, came under an obscene attack from a member of the LGBTQ+ community who demanded a ransom of $2000 “bugger money.”

    Apparently, the attacker, a man dressed as a woman, claimed that the citizen, a hire car driver, owed him (or her) $2000 (Guyana dollars) for sexual services. The gay man of unsound mind then proceeded to sit on top of the hire car driver’s car bonnet and refused to get off. This publication understands that the gay man of unsound mind is locally known as “Beyonce.”

    Instead of acting violently and damaging the gay man of unsound mind, the citizen calmly got into his car and drove to the nearest police station where the police were summoned and they came out to attempt to resolve the matter. The citizen (whose name is not known up to this point) drove slowly so that the gay man of unsound mind would not fall off and get injured on the road until they reached the police station compound. While they were en route to the police station, the incident created a huge spectacle as it is not everyday that you see a gay man dressed in woman’s clothing on the bonnet of a moving car.

    Many people pulled out their phones and started to video and apparently, some followed the car to the police station compound. A Venezuelan national living in Guyana videoed the incident of the gay man on the bonnet of the moving car and uploaded it to his Tiktok account saying, “solo en Guyana” which means “only in Guyana,” implying sarcastically that something as crazy as this would only happen in Guyana.

    The whole incident became an overnight sensation and a source of social media jokes and memes. People were quick to poke fun at the hire car driver without knowing the facts of the case. While we do not know the facts of the case either, it does not take a rocket scientist to deduce that the gay man of unsound mind was most likely lying about the whole incident in order to extort money from the unsuspecting victim.

    Editor’s Note: Both prostitution and buggery are illegal in Guyana so this menace of society claiming to sell man-to-man anal sex should be arrested and charged according to the laws of Guyana.

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