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    19th of September, 2021. International News. Brazil.

    Last updated: September 19, 2021 at 14:20 pm

    Just when we were starting to breathe a sigh of relief that Covid-19 was finally about to become a thing of the past in Brazil, the monster reared its ugly head again – this time, more terrifying than ever before. Brazil yesterday, 18th of September, 2021, recorded a whooping 150,106 new Covid-19 cases and 935 new Covid-related deaths across the country. Experts are baffled: “we honestly don’t know where that came from.”

    From September, 1 to September 17, Covid-19 infection rates had dropped to an all-time low averaging only about 15,000 new cases per day. On the 6th of September, showing promising signs that Brazil might be on the verge of beating the Covid-19 virus, the entire country of a population of over 2 million recorded just about 9000 new cases. Then suddenly, today, 19th of September, 2021, experts were alarmed to see 150,000 new cases came in yesterday. It is not clear if this sudden spike will hold out since it is not clear what caused it.

    The number of deaths by covid-19 in Brazil rose to 590,508. In 24 hours, 935 deaths were recorded. The total number of people infected by the novel coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic reached 21,230,325. Within 24 hours, 150,106 new cases were confirmed by health authorities. The data are in the daily update of the Ministry of Health, released this Saturday night (18). The record is produced from information provided by the state health departments. There are, in total, 359,523 people with active cases of the disease being monitored by health professionals and 20,280,294 patients have already recovered.

    Source: Agencia Brasil

    So far, 69 percent of Brazilians have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and over 37 percent have been fully vaccinated. Vaccine hesitancy is strong amongst Brazilians. Most Brazilians believe that natural immunity is sufficient protection against the Covid-19 virus, and since so many Brazilians have already contracted the virus, the scope for vaccination has diminished greatly. Further, many Brazilians fear the potential long term and short term side effect of Covid-19 vaccines and are skeptical about its safety.

    President Bolsonaro has said “no” to vaccine mandates and coercive vaccination policies. Vaccine passport is not required for anything in Brazil as there is absolutely no restrictions against the unvaccinated. After all, President Jair Bolsonaro himself, true to his word, has refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

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