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International Powerlifting Champion Attacked, Injured at Taxi Park in Georgetown

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21st of September, 2021. Region 4, Guyana, South America

Last updated: September 30, 2021 at 15:52 pm

The real life superman? Two grown men pelted two bicycles with full force onto the head of this man and he brushed it off and stood there like nothing happened. If someone threw a whole bicycle at you, how would you be feeling now? A mob of about ten angry men were unable to apprehend him. By the way, how is the police investigation of this matter going?

Guyana’s national hero and powerlifting champion, Carlos Peterson-Griffith, came under a violent attack from a mob at a taxi park in Georgetown, Guyana, South America today, 21st of September, 2021. In a disturbing video circulated on Facebook, a mob is seen surrounding Carlos with one person armed with an iron bar.

In the video, the angry mob can be heard shouting violent expressions such as “break his hand!” The man with the iron bar then ran towards Carlos and dealt a blow in his direction, but the powerlifter backed away, possibly averting the blow. Then, another one threw a bicycle at him that bounded off his upper body. As the attacks intensified, Carlos backed away from the angry mob and started running as his attackers chased behind him.

According to Mr. Rawle Toney, who posted the video online, Carlos escaped the attack by running into the Director of Sport’s office and subsequently made a report at the station. He later received seven stitches to his hand as a result of his injuries.

According to Carlos, the fight started over a dispute over $200 (Guyana dollars), which by way is less than 1 US dollar. Carlos said he usually pays $800 for the trip but the taxi driver wanted $1000. As such, an argument ensued and he was soon surrounded by the angry mob which supported the taxi driver and violently attacked him.

Nevertheless, one person, who claims to have been an eyewitness on the scene, related to this publication that Carlos was the aggressor. He said that Carlos first got physical with the taxi driver and this is what angered the onlookers who teamed up against Carlos. At the start of the video circulating on Facebook, one man can be heard shouting at Carlos telling him that the taxi driver didn’t touch him (Carlos).

Carlos Peterson-Griffith has been listed as the strongest man in South America and the 7th strongest man in the world. He was scheduled to represent Guyana in the 2021 World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Halmstad, Sweden this weekend. It is not clear at this time if his injuries will impede or hinder his performance.

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