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Brazilian Businessmen Seek Court Order to Prevent Protestors from Blocking Merchandise

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23rd of September, 2021. Region 9, Guyana, South America

Last updated: September 23, 2021 at 17:56 pm

A group of Brazilian businessmen residing in Boa Vista, Roraima, Brazil have moved to court to secure a court order compelling the protestors in Bonfim to remove from the roadways. They are also seeking to implement a charge of $5000 (Brazilian reais) (equal to about 1000 US dollars) for each hour that the protestors block the trucks carrying merchandise to Guyana.

The complainants include some of the biggest wholesalers in the State of Roraima including Distribuidora Solomoes Limited and Assis and Borges Limited. The complainants have implicated the Bonfim Taxi Cooperative Service as the masterminds of the protests. However, the protestors have said that their effort is cooperative amongst the people of Bonfim and is not spearheaded by any mastermind. On these grounds, the protestors say that that the applicants have made an invalid claim.

Important: In their application, the complainants sought an order from the court to remove the protestors with immediate effect. However, the court rejected the request, and said it will review the case and make a decision sometime in the near future.

Meanwhile, it is rumored that the laden trucks in Boa Vista were instructed to start traveling to Lethem early Friday morning in anticipation that the Brazilian police will remove the protestors. However, the protestors have said they will hold their ground since the order sought to remove them immediately has been rejected. The protestors say they will have people in positions of power address the matter at the court. The mayor of Bonfim, Joner Chagas, had told the protestors last week that he stands by them and will fight on their side.

It is difficult to predict at this time how the court will rule or how long it will take to rule.

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