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Region 9 Authorities Petition for Phased Guyana/Brazil Border Reopening

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27th of September, 2021. Region 9, Guyana, South America

Last updated: September 27, 2021 at 12:20 pm

Contrary to holding out that they wouldn’t do so a few days ago, and with all other means to disband the protestors having failed, and an economic crisis unfolding in Region 9, Region 9 authorities are now bending under the pressure and seeking to reach an agreement with the Brazilian protestors who have been blocking cargo trucks from entering Guyana for nearly three weeks now.

A missive, addressed to the Prime Minister, Ret’d Brigadier Mark Phillips, and signed by the Mayor of Lethem, Mr. John Macedo, the Regional Chairman of Region 9, Mr. Bryan Allicock, and the Regional Executive Officer, Mr. Carl Singh was this morning dispatched to the Office of the Prime Minister in Georgetown, Guyana, South America. The letter reads:

Subject: Phased Reopening of the Guyana/Brazil Border.

The leadership of Region 9, after careful examination and consideration of the escalating situation which has been affecting the local economy, regional services, and the residents at large, while we do understand the need and reason to keep the border close due to the current Covid-19 pandemic in the neighboring country of Brazil, there is still an urgent need for goods and services that is necessary which is not accessible from Georgetown, that will keep our local economy, businesses, and services afloat.

In view of the above, we hereby recommend the following for one month commencing 1st of October, 2021, after which a review will be done:

Thursdays will be open from 7 AM to 5 PM for both large and small scale goods.

Fridays will be open for domestic travel only from 8:00 hrs, 13:00 hrs, and 18:00 hrs, for a period of 15 minutes for residents of Bonfim and Guyana only; however, identification, proof of residence, and proof of being fully vaccinated must be presented in order for entry to be granted.

A health team will be placed at the port of entry/check point to conduct medical screening for everyone that crosses at the newly constructed facility that will now become a monitoring station for all entry into the country before accessing the relevant authorities.

Prior to the approval of this recommendation, consultation was held with all businesses and all the relevant authorities within the region to ensure that all relevant personnel UNDERSTAND the importance of the current undertaking, and the impact it can have if not adhered to on the region and the country at large.

It is recommended that all businesses MUST adhere to all Covid-19 guidelines set out by the National and Regional Task Force and facilities must be put in place to allow continuous sensitization of businesses and customers alike.

For your guidance and swift recommendation.

Although it is not certain at this time whether the Prime Minister will accept the proposal, it is very likely that he will. A spokesperson for the Brazilian protestors in Bonfim told this publication this morning that although the provisions requested in the letter do not completely meet their initial objectives, it is still a step forward, and, in the interest of the well-being of the people in Region 9, they will settle for that for the time being.

Last week, several businessmen in Boa Vista, Brazil had petitioned the court to disband the protestors but the court rejected their request – saying that it will rule on the matter at a future date. Now, with the protestors agreeing to disband with this mutual agreement, the court case will likely be folded.

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