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    10th of October, 2021. Guyana, South America

    Last updated: December 10, 2021 at 9:52 am

    A number of Guyanese citizens have reached out to this publication on condition of anonymity to recount a series of horror stories resulting from actions of corrupt elements within the Food and Drug Department. Some of the names being called in this context are Carol Edwards, Marlan Cole, Tristan Jones, Jennel Rodney, and Susanna Atkins.

    The citizens report losses in the millions of dollars, but are afraid to reveal their identities for fear of further victimization by the said corrupt officials within the Food and Drug Department. According to the citizens, certain officials within the Food and Drug Department have used obscure, and sometimes non-existent laws to rob them of millions of dollars’ worth of products. In many cases, the Food and Drug Department claimed to have “confiscated” millions of dollars of products, but people say they have reason to believe that it was converted into personal gain by certain staff of the Food and Drug Department.

    The citizens are calling on the Government of Guyana to investigate, audit and analyze the shady practices of the Food and Drug Department. At present, there are a number of court cases drawn up against the Food and Drug Department with citizens fearing they will lose their money through corrupt practices, bribery, and internal connections.

    In 2018, Balwant Singh Hospital won a case against the Food and Drug Department where the director, Marlan Cole, unlawfully, maliciously, and spitefully used the government office to block life-saving drugs from entering the country. The director, the court documents said, indicated he would not register any drugs manufactured in India. He had also initially failed to provide the hospital with the requested list of drugs.

    The Food and Drug Department is an arm of the Ministry of Health and regulates cosmetics, food, and drugs sold in Guyana.

    Editor’s Note: Let’s be the voice for the voiceless. The people being victimized by these tyrants at the Food and Drug Department do not have a voice. They are being silenced by the corrupt vultures using the government office as cover. If you were voiceless, wouldn’t you like someone to speak for you? Please forward this article until it reaches the right eyes and these corrupt individuals are investigated, exposed, and brought to justice!

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