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    2nd of November, 2021. Region 9, Guyana, South America

    Last updated: November 2, 2021 at 17:01 pm

    After a grueling 60-hour ride through rain and shine down the rugged Lethem-Linden trail, champion of Cancer and Mental Health Awareness Guyana 2021, Tyson English, touched down at the border town of Lethem, Region 9, Guyana, South America this afternoon, 2nd of November, 2021 at around 4 PM. He was given a celebrity welcome. Tyson had left Georgetown on the 29th of October, 2021 at around 5:00 A.M.

    Throughout the perilous 525-mile journey from Georgetown to Lethem, Mr. English was cheered on by the general Guyanese public who frequented his Facebook Page to get updates as he pedaled down a trail that many find challenging even by motor vehicle. Tyson was joined in Linden by a fellow rider, Michael Trotman, and the two continued the challenging journey without backup or the aid of an escort.

    At various stops along the way, such as Mabura Hill and Kurupukari Crossing, the duo raised a banner in aid of Mental Health and Cancer Awareness.

    Doubtlessly, many mental health and cancer survivors will find strength and inspiration from the legendary ride of Tyson English.

    You can follow Tyson English on Facebook for updates on his journey and what he has accomplished so far.

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