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Local Businessman and Social Media Personality, Bryan Max, Applauded for Breaking Down Kingston Beach Barricade

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4th of November, 2021. Georgetown, Guyana, South America

Last updated: November 4, 2021 at 18:28 pm

A well-known Georgetown businessman and social media personality, Bryan Max, has been acclaimed a national hero for forcefully removing a barricade that prevented citizens from accessing the Kingston Beach from the Battery Road entrance behind Pegasus Hotel in Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

A TicTok video uploaded on Facebook yesterday afternoon (3rd of November) by Bryan Max shows him turning in to Battery road at the entrance to Kingston Beach behind Pegasus. On the way there, he explains that he is going to see if the barricade, which was allegedly erected by the management of the Pegasus Hotel, is still there.

Upon arriving at the spot, the barricade was still there, and Bryan Max took out an axe from his vehicle and dealt the barricade several blows, breaking it, then threw it to either sides of the roadway.

At that time, there was a Pegasus security guard by the gate who took out his phone and started making calls. Another man, who appeared to be either part of the management team or an associate, subsequently came and started to video Bryan Max. The man told Bryan Max that it was the city which erected the barricade and not Pegasus hotel, to which Bryan Max shouted back, “I’m the (expletive) city!”

Many people were afraid that, following that incident, Bryan Max would have found himself in the long arms of the law, but instead, in an ironic twist, both the Georgetown City Hall and the Management of Pegasus Hotel subsequently published statements distancing themselves from the controversial barricade.

In response to the comments surrounding the barriers leading up to the seawall between the Pegasus and Marriot Hotel, Battery Road, we wish to advise that such barrier is the city and we have placed no barrier restricting access to any public area.

the management of the pegasus hotel – 4th of november 2020.

The Public is advised that the Mayor and Councilors of the city of Georgetown are NOT responsible for the barriers erected to restrict access to the seawall between the Pegasus Hotel and Marriot Hotel.

Mayor and Town Council of Georgetown – Region 4, Guyana – 4th of November, 2021.

Nevertheless, Seawalls and Beyond, a local community project aimed at keeping the beaches clean and safe, published a statement incriminating the management of the Pegasus Hotel.

On Wednesday, a viral video on Facebook showed a gentleman forcefully removing a padlocked barricade on Battery Road that led to the western end of the Kingston Beach. He named a nearby business as the ones who had put it up, blocking access to the public beach. Later, the business issued a statement that it was not the one erected the barricade but that it was the city that did. However, these photos tell a different story. The signage that was put in place when the barricades went up in 2020 is on a gold colored frame that exactly matches the type that is found inside the business place. It is unconscionable that this public road was blocked from pubic access by a private business and that for the occasions when our volunteers cleaned up the western half of Kingston Beach that the work was made unnecessarily and extremely by the barricade on this entrance to the beach.

statement by seawalls and beyond – november 4, 2021
The Kingston Beach behind Marriott Hotel and Pegasus Hotel in Georgetown, Guyana, South America

The general Guyanese public is also happy that this barrier has been removed from the access road to the Kingston Beach. One citizen posted:

Special Thanks to Bryan Max for taking the battle to the next level as so many of us posted and shared Julz Sarabo Gordon Moseley Dwayne Bisoon etc.. We all have to keep fighting for the rights and to be emancipated in so many ways …. it may be Poetic that this fight was started on Emancipation day and concluded close to Diwali truly is Triumphant as Diwali symbolizes Good over Evil and Light over Darkness … The people are Free to Enjoy Nature and The Beach that was Created by God !!

You can learn more about Bryan Max by following his Social Media Pages: Bryan Max and Bryan Mack.

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