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    Mr. Edward Wallace Harris and his family in the 1970s

    19th of November, 2021. Guyana, South America

    Last updated: November 19, 2021 at 18:19 pm

    A Venezuelan family has reached out to this publication for help in finding a father and husband who was separated from them when they migrated to Venezuela a long time ago. The name of the man being sought is Edward Wallace Harris. Mr. Edward Harris hails from the Moruca River in the North West Region of Guyana, South America.

    According to the family, they lost contact with Mr. Edward Harris a long time ago, when the children were very small, after they left to go to Venezuela in 1978 and Mr. Edward Harris remained in Guyana.

    The family relates that they left Guyana when Mr. Edward’s four children, Kim, Polly, Pamela, and Debbie were very young. These children are now in their 40s and they are desperate to reunite with their father.

    Mr. Edward Harris has one brother by the name of Roy and five sisters. Mr. Edward Harris use to “work in Empíreo Cenima as chaser.” He is expected to be 70 years old today.

    If you have any information that can lead this family to find their long lost father and husband, please make contact with any of the following WhatsApp numbers:

    +584140857381 (Debbie)

    +584120876199 (Mother of Edward’s children)

    If you don’t have any information, we ask that you kindly share this article to help it reach the right person.

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