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    28th of November, 2021. Region 9, Guyana, South America

    Last updated: November 28, 2021 at 16:51 pm

    A currently undiagnosed infection has been spreading rapidly amongst children in Moco Moco Village, Region 9, Guyana, South America over the past couple of weeks. Residents report that the infection spreads fast from one child to the next upon contact, but most clears up within two weeks. So far, more than 16 children have been affected.

    The Lethem Regional Hospital has been informed of the situation and a medical team will be dispatched shortly to investigate the matter.

    Although it is not certain what disease it is at this time, the symptoms and appearance are similar to those of hand, foot, and mouth disease. Although some people have speculated that the outbreak may be smallpox or scabies, this is unlikely since it is only affecting the lower part of the foot, hand, and also the mouth. The symptoms so far are most consistent with hand, food, and mouth disease. Symptoms include fever, itching, bumps, and blisters on the hands, palms, feet, bottom of feet, and mouth.

    Similar outbreaks have been reported to be ongoing in other communities across the Rupununi including Annai in the North Rupununi Savannahs.

    Editor’s Note: Foot, hand, and mouth disease, which affects mostly children, should not be confused with foot and mouth disease which affects livestock.

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