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    26th of December, 2021. Georgetown, Guyana, South America

    Last updated: December 27, 2021 at 10:38 am

    A Guyanese man has reached out to this publication for help in reconnecting with an old friend whom he hadn’t had contact with in years. According to Mr. Zahid Mohamed Mulla, his long time friend and business partner, Mr. Darren Lee Sears, appeared to have just fell off the map, with none of his friends or relatives knowing his whereabouts.

    According to Mr. Mulla, Darren’s last known address is 134 Guyhok Park, Georgetown, Guyana, South America and he last had contact with Darren in 2012.

    Mr. Mulla explains that Darren was not only a friend, but a business partner as well, and after coming into a business venture which he thought Darren might be interested in, he tried to make contact with him but was surprised that he couldn’t locate him and none of his relatives knows where he is.

    One of Darren’s relatives said he might have migrated to the USA but are unable to give further information.

    If Mr. Darren Lee Sears reads this article, or if you are someone who knows him, please make contact with Mr. Zahid Mohamed Mulla on (592) 669-1005 (WhatsApp available). If not, you can still help by sharing this article to help it reach the right eyes.

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