Tue. May 17th, 2022
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    14th of January, 2022. Region 6, Guyana, South America

    Last updated: January 17, 2022 at 12:59 pm

    Dear Editor,

    Some time ago, I wrote an article about my abusive relationship with my husband for 10 years. Just to recap, in my ten years of marriage, I have endured abuse on so many levels with my in-laws, mainly my ex mother in law, Zaheeda Khan. She tried taking me to jail, tried to hit me, ran me with a cutlass until my husband got fed up and hit her with the same cutlass, etc.

    But what’s the point in defending me when he would physically abuse me himself? He would cuff me in the head, the face, my back, my thighs, lift me by the neck and fling me, hold my head and bounce it on the concrete wall until I blacked out, etc. Sometimes, he even tried hitting my old mom, ran up with a cutlass, put the cutlass on her neck, hit our infant baby, and the list goes on because it happened for ten years, not ten months,

    My ex husband, Shazim Ayube

    I have endured all of this because all I ever wanted was acceptance from my in-laws. I had to fight to be part of their family because, soon after my husband went against them and married me, he realized, with the help of his mother, that it was all a mistake, and because I didn’t agree to the divorce he always wanted, he kept punishing me.

    When we were together, I always knew he was cheating on me, but I never had proof, so I never talked about it. But now we are separated and I got the proof. After separation, he kept coming around because of our son. So one day, I borrowed his phone. He lent me, and at the same time there was the incoming call…he couldn’t lie about it anymore and he admitted that during our years together he cheated with different women of different races and this time it’s with a 48 year old woman from new York, Mella Khan.

    I don’t know her, but I saw her picture because he had put it up on his Facebook when he updated his relationship status. She is the mother of two sons, one of whom is 27 years, just a few years younger than my husband. So the day I found out about her was the day things got more outta control with my ex towards me and he filed for divorce.

    Filing for divorce is fine but the grounds on which he filed for the divorce are not. He, together with his dad (his father came from new York for his brother funeral and on the same day of the funeral they file the divorce) and uncle in Chesney, is making me out to be a woman of loose character. They are even involving my ten month old son in this divorce. So to save my son from all this, I quietly had to agree to whatever they put on the paper and sign because nothing or no one is more important than my son, not even my self.

    My husband is walking around like a woman talking about me and my son to everyone he meets while I sit at home raising my son. He is making me to be the abuser, the cheater, the one who neglected our marriage, and so I just wanted to tell my side of this story.

    And last but not least I feel disgusted to look at myself knowing I ever loved someone like this. Someone who is only about his selfish self. Today he is leaving his ten month old son and his wife, divorcing me with the hope this aunty he have will come marry him, so this is all about him wanting to marry someone else to go to America.

    Editor, I ask you to kindly publish this letter as it is, intact with names and images attached. I am assuming all legal responsibilities for the contents of this letter so I can clear my name of the malicious lies that are being peddled about me.

    Yours thankfully,

    Shazeena Bacchus

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    4 months ago

    I really hope Shazeema Bacchus did not sign those divorce papers. It’s says they have no children from the marriage #6. That is incorrect if I read the story correctly. They have a son together. This young woman needs legal advice.

    Sarah Rupllal
    Sarah Rupllal
    3 months ago
    Reply to  Leah

    She already stated she was forced to sign it

    3 months ago

    What she needs to do is fill out the required forms and hand it into the court and when the date comes up she needs to explain to the judge all the facts concerning her side of the story he can file the divorce but based on information given by her she can be granted the divorce instead so she needs to attend the court hearing and speak her mind and say everything that happen to her and her son hold nothing back

    Sarah Rupllal
    Sarah Rupllal
    3 months ago

    If i was u I d glad fa sign it cause I ain’t able with no man hutting up my skin with liks….. Plus u don’t have to prove nothin to nobody if he walking around lyin on u…he’s a waste man. Always remember karma is a b#&$h ….. Why wait 10yrs smh…. Women y’all walk away from abusive relationship as soon as u see a red flag…. Plus them things he do u he wouldn’t do big auntie in America….. So jus move on with ur life and take care of your son…… You’re not the first and definitely… Read more »

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