Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022
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    4th of February, 2022. Guyana, South America

    Last updated: February 4, 2022 at 20:09 pm

    According to a statement by the Guyana Police Force, the driver of the Toyota Allion “pulled right” and collided with the police vehicle pelting it to the rail of the bridge. The Toyota Allion then supposedly lost control and both vehicle crashed into the oncoming truck pushing the truck several meters backwards.

    If the Toyota Allion “pulled right” and collided with the police, and all of this happened on top of the Mahaica Bridge, then it is easy to deduce that the police vehicle was attempting to overtake the Toyota Allion on the Mahaica Bridge.

    The traffic laws of Guyana make it clear that overtaking on a bridge is strictly prohibited. But according to the police statement and CCTV Footage, it appears that the police were breaking the law in this regard when the fatal accident occurred. Was it that the police thought they were above the law or was it that they thought it imperative to stop the Toyota Allion at all costs – even the cost of human lives? We can surmise then that this accident was the result of either gross incompetence or poor judgement on the part of the police – or both. Or is it that the rank who was at the wheel simply “doesn’t know how to drive”?

    While some traffic laws are relaxed for the police during a highspeed chase, the police still need to abide by the road rules so as not to endanger civilian life. And it is clear that overtaking on a bridge with traffic coming in the opposite direction should not have been attempted due to the level of risk involved.

    We must concede at the same time here that the driver of the Allion was wrong to run from the police – if the story of the police is indeed true – as some people have their doubts – and both occupants of the Allion are now deceased and cannot speak for themselves.

    Whatever the case may be, Team Guyana, South America would like to strongly caution all Guyanese never to run from the police as doing so may be at the cost of death and destruction. We’d like to urge you to give the police full cooperation at all times as much as humanly possible so as to make Guyana a safer place for all Guyanese.

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