Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022
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    7th of March, 2022. International News. Russia/Ukraine War

    Last updated: March 7, 2022 at 17:25 pm

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sent millions of civilians fleeing for their lives. Seeking refuge in foreign lands, these displaced citizens will be tasked with building their lives back from the ground up in a new country. Doubtless, some will have money. Some will be better off than others, but it doesn’t make Putin’s war any less atrocious.

    But many civilians trying to flee war torn Ukraine unfortunately did not make it out alive. Some died from Russian fire, some from sickness, and some even from starvation and hunger.

    The photo above shows a Ukrainian family who died – all four them – while trying to flee Ukraine. The young Ukrainian woman who posted the photo captioned it:

    I have seen a lot in these during 11 days of blood and suffering. But these footage of the death of an entire family in Irpen made even me shiver. All died – mother, father, and two children. They just wanted to leave, run away from the war. Failed to make it. They couldn’t. So we will beat the enemy even harder! It’s even harder! It’s even more angry! On earth, on water, in air and in cyberspace. So that he squeals out of fear and pain!

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