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Region 6 Woman Left Traumatized After Men with High Powered Rifles Show Up At Her Home

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8th of March, 2022. Region 6, Guyana, South America

Last updated: March 8, 2022 at 23:16 pm

A young Guyanese woman of Bloomfield Village, Region 6, Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana, South America has been left traumatized and scared for her life after gunmen with high powered rifles showed up at her home last evening, 7th of March, 2022.

23-year-old Vashti Jagdat, popularly known as “Kitty Jagdat,” explained to this publication that she was out with her boyfriend last evening and only returned home in the early morning hours of today, 8th of March, 2022. However, upon arriving home this morning, her brother informed her that two men with high powered rifles showed in the street where their home is. At that time, the young woman’s brother was at a culvert a few meters away from their home chatting with a friend. The gunmen approached them and asked them if they knew where “Kitty” lives.

The alarmed young man composed himself and told the men that he does not know. The men then walked towards Kitty’s home and stood in front of it and were watching inside. The brother then walked into the yard and entered the house. The men remained there for some time more. The young man said he did not see when exactly the men left or in what vehicle they departed. However, when his sister, Vashti Jagdat (Kitty) came home, he related the story to her and she became terrified since she had been threatened by someone a few days ago.

Ms. Jagdat related that she started dating a 23-year old man around August 2021. At that time, the young man was friends with a woman from Trinidad who is in her 50s. Upon questioning her boyfriend about the friendship, he told Ms. Jagdat that they are just friends and sometimes he uses her for financial gain.

Around November, 2021, the woman from Trinidad called Ms. Jagdat and started abusing her, telling her in the process that the man was “playing them both.” These calls continued intermittently and were supplemented by WhatsApp messages. Ms. Jagdat said the woman would send abusive messages and block her on WhatsApp, unblock her to send another message, and block her again.

Ms. Jagdat said that the woman often threatened her saying that she has a lot of money, and that she can “f**K her up.”

The young woman said that whenever she confronted her boyfriend about the woman, he would always dismissively say that they are just friends, or that he is just using the woman for financial gains. When Ms. Jagdat related the story of the gunmen to her boyfriend this morning, he dismissed it as nonsense.

Ms. Vashti Jagdat would like to make it clear to the general public that she has ended the 7-month relationship with her boyfriend today, 8th of March, 2022, as she feels that her life is in danger, and she does not want any complications with the Trinidadian woman.

Legal Notice: This story was published at the request of Ms. Vashti Jagdat who has reviewed it before publication and assumes legal responsibility for the content and names contained herein.

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