Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022
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    15th of March, 2022. International News. Russia/Ukraine War

    Last updated: March 15, 2022 at 14:45 pm

    Musk is known for his controversial Tweets, but this one takes the cake!

    While most of the world watch on in anger and outrage at Putin’s horrific destruction of Ukraine, the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, has proven himself to be a real hero once again. Elon Musk, in a Tweet, challenged Vladimir Putin to one-on-one combat, saying that whoever wins the fight should take the prize – Ukraine.

    I hereby challenge Владимир Путин to single combat Stakes are Україна

    Musk was careful to write “Ukraine” in the Ukrainian language, expressing respect for the sovereignty of that country, while he typed Vladimir Putin’s name in the Russian Language – so that he can have no doubts or excuses. He further went on to tag the Kremlin the tweet.

    Within a few hours, the Tweet was retweeted more than 50,000 times, received over 300,000 likes, and 20,000 Quote Tweets.

    Now isn’t that the simple, and correct way, to end this war? Why sacrifice so many lives and wreak so much destruction on the lives of civilians? Why not be a man and end this once and for all? Team Guyana, South America urges Putin to answer the call and face Musk in one-on-one combat. But we guess he is too much of a coward to do so.

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