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    31st of March, 2022. Region 9, Guyana, South America. GSA News

    Last updated: April 1, 2022 at 21:29 pm

    Cricket is the national game of Guyana, but unfortunately, the residents of Region 9 have been missing out a lot on the cricket culture since the beginning of Guyana’s history. But not anymore. A Region 9 visionary has broken barriers to launch Lethem’s first ever cricket club with the hopes of promoting recreation, unearthing talent, and bringing the community together through capacity building, skill training, and social development.

    Founder and President of the Lethem Cricket Club – Mr. Kenrick Mc Donald

    The fact of the matter is that Region 9 has produced some of Guyana’s best athletes and sportspersons. And I’m confident that the next Carl Hooper or Shivnarine Chanderpaul will rise out from right here in Region 9.

    Mr. Kenrick McDonld – founder of Lethem’s First Ever Cricket Club

    So why was cricket never introduced to Region 9 before? The reason is the Region’s proximity to Brazil. Being on the border with Brazil, Region 9 is highly influenced by the South American giant, Brazil, whose national game is football. Most residents of Region 9 are fluent in Portuguese as well as English, they travel to Brazil frequently, are a huge fan of Brazilian music, and, up to now, they have adopted Brazil’s national game, football, as the Regional game of Region 9. On this note, Region 9 has numerous male and female football clubs, but prior to Mr. McDonald’s venture, no cricket club had ever been established in Region 9.

    Mr. Kenrick McDonald, who is employed with the Ministry of Health in Region 9, explained to this publication that he always had a passion for cricket. And during his service in the Guyana Defense Force, he represented his team in several cricket tournaments across Guyana. But then it was time to return to his hometown – which he did in 2015 – and he was, he says, baffled as to why Region 9 residents don’t get involved in the sport of cricket.

    For several years, McDonald tried unsuccessfully to get the sport of cricket going in Region 9, but he faced too many bureaucratic barriers, too much discouragement, and lack of enthusiasm. But he didn’t give up, and in 2022, Mayor of Lethem, Mr. John Macedo, helped him cut through some red tapes to finally form Lethem’s first ever Cricket Club.

    I found the Mayor, Mr. John Macedo, sharing the same passion for cricket. He had represented his county of Berbice in his earlier days of playing cricket. Mr. Macedo was very proactive in helping me to establish the Lethem Cricket Club. In fact, he helped to locate a vacant area suitable for playing cricket while his office has given full support to the club in developing the ground and other things needed for the sport. He has been actively involved from day one.

    In this photo, Mr. John Macedo is seen interacting with members of the Lethem Cricket Club.

    Structure of the Lethem Cricket Club

    President: Kenrick McDonald

    Vice President – Jason Wilson

    Secretary – Michelle Joseph

    Treasurer: Shimron Abrams

    Medical Team – Ruth Edwards


    Executive MembersSupport StaffCoaching Team
    Ryan Atkinson
    Everette James
    Albert Duncan
    Pinky Ann Clement
    Tishanna Winter
    Yvonne Fredricks
    Josette Oliveria
    Kyrstal Forde
    Albert Duncan
    Kenrick McDonald
    Everette James
    Ryan Atkinson
    Shimron Abrams

    The Lethem Cricket Club would like to thank the following Honorary Members who did not hesitate to give support to the club, and have pledged to continue doing so.

    • Coleen Harrinandan – AM’s Fashion
    • Lyndon Franklin – Champion’s Choice
    • Kellon Arther – High Speed Internet Service
    • Ken Grant – Ken’s Supermarket
    • Orlando Wong – Hotel Amazonas

    How You Can Help

    The Lethem Cricket Club has just been launched. It is now in the embryonic stages of development, and it has a far way to go. How fast and successfully the Lethem Cricket Club kicks off depends a lot on the business community of Guyana, governmental support, and the support of influential individuals.

    In this context, the Lethem Cricket Club of Region 9 welcomes your help in the form of equipment, financial support, etc.

    Founder and President of the Lethem Cricket Club, Mr. Kenrick McDonald, told this publication that the club has just a few of the required items.

    All we have at this moment are a pair of batting gloves, one bat, a batting pad, and two cricket balls.

    Some of the items still needed:
    • Cricket Balls
    • Bats
    • Batting and Keeping Pads
    • Batting and Keeping Gloves
    • Thigh and Side Pads
    • Helmets
    • Stumps
    • Training Cones and Markers (disc cone and sports cone)
    • Speed Agility Ladder
    • Agility Hurdle Pole
    • Abdominal Guards
    • Finance to prepare the sportsground, etc.

    If you would like to be a part of this historical undertaking and give support to the Lethem Cricket Club, you can get in touch in the following ways:

    Phone Number:+592 670 7208 (WhatsApp Available)

    Editor’s Note: After publishing this article, this publication was advised that cricket clubs had existed in the 1970s in Lethem, Annai, and Aishalton, so this may not be the “first time” that a cricket club was formed in Lethem. Nevertheless, it certainly is the first time in a long time!

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