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Businessman Said He Kicked Daughter After She Asked Him for Money and Wished Death Upon Him

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Businessman Said He Kicked Daughter After She Asked Him for Money and Wished Death Upon Him on the Guyana, South America official website.

Devanand Singh appeared with his family on the Guyanese Critic Show to explain himself to the world.

9th of April, 2022. Georgetown, Guyana, South America. GSA News.

Last updated: May 29, 2023 at 22:42 pm

A Georgetown businessman who is embroiled in a controversy involving domestic abuse and violence against women has told his side of the story. The businessman, whose name is Devanand Singh, has been charged on April, 1st, 2022 for inflicting grievous bodily harm and threatening language. He appeared on a Guyanese Critic Live Show to explain his side of the story. He showed up with his wife, son, other daughter, and two other close relatives to conduct an hour-long interview aimed at clearing his name.

The young woman first appeared on Big Smith News Watch, with identity concealed, to detail an alleged 10 years of abuse at the hands of her biological father. During the Big Smith interview, which was aired the 8th of April, 2022, a CCTV video footage was brought to light which shows Devanand Singh forcefully kicking and dealing several blows to the young woman.

Businessman Appeared to Have a Gun Tucked Onto His Waist

Although the businessman and his daughter gave conflicting descriptions of the circumstances leading up to the violent act, the CCTV footage shown by Big Smith News Watch seems to corroborate the daughter’s version since it shows that Devenand Singh showed up at the store that day with what appears like a gun tucked into his waist.

He got so upset that I said would move out. He started yelling at me, calling me names, saying that he is going to come down here and shoot me…put me in the hospital. I was very scared knowing what my father is capable of.

Victim speaking to Big Smith News Watch

Singh Said Video was “Replicated”

According to Mr. Singh, the video has been a setup. He used the word “replicated” and claimed that the video misrepresents the totality of the situation and the circumstances leading up to the violent act.

Singh explained that he had had an argument with the said daughter on the night before the acts of physical abuse. According to Singh, the argument stemmed from rudeness and disrespect of the victim (or accuser), Chelsea, towards her sibling. During the argument, Chelsea was insulting and disrespecting one of her siblings when the father intervened. The argument escalated and Devanand commented to Chelsea that if she will carry such attitude then she should move out and go live on her own. He added that Chelsea had developed a disrespectful attitude for a number of years despite the love and care he had given her.

Singh said that the next day, 25th of March, 2022, Chelsea called him to the store and told him that she is ready to move out to which he agreed. During the conversation, Chelsea demanded money to which he responded in the negative saying that he would not give her any money. At that point, Chelsea allegedly hurled several insults at him which included saying that he (Singh) should have been dead a long time ago. Singh said that at that point he lost his temper and committed the act of violence.

Singh said however that the video was tampered with in several ways, including removing the sound from the video and cutting off scenes leading up to and after the incident in spotlight. He claims that his daughter had planned the incident carefully as part of an elaborate plan to frame him and bring him down.

Singh Said Chelsea was “Always Wayward”

During the interview with the Guyanese Critic, the accused, Devanand Singh, said that his daughter, Chelsea, was “always wayward,” perhaps subtly suggesting that she was the black sheep of the family.

She is a child that wants to live her own life, has her own way. She is very difficult. She’s a very difficult child. From time to time and years I tried to cope with her and understand with her. Like every father who loves their daughters and wants their daughters to be pampered…want to be overprotective. I think I was a little overprotected with both of my daughters…because of the way I live and love my family. We have dislikes and disagreement many times, and I would just ignore her because…having four children, you can’t expect all four to be same. She would always have issues, and it is something that we all understand. She is always wayward. She always wants to have her own way, so we don’t get too involved and get into squalls with her. So we avoid her most of the time.

Devenand Singh speaking to Guyanese Critic

Singh Said Chelsea Threatened to “Put him Away”

According to Singh, when Chelsea called him to the store to tell him that he is moving out to live on her own, she demanded money from him, wished death upon him, and threatened to “put him away.”

Singh said that Chelsea said, “Daddy, I want to tell you that I’m moving out of the house.”

I said, “OK, we talk about this last night and you’re taking it personal.”

She said, “Yes, I want to leave and I’m going.”

I said, “Well OK…if you want to leave…that’s the right thing to do. You collect your stuff from your mother and proceed. You’re a big girl.”

She said, “I gun need some money.”

I said, “Money? I won’t give you any money.”

She said, “No. I gotta get some f**king money. You should dead a long time now.”

I said, “What? Chelsea, you are talking to me like that?”

She said, “Yes. I gun put you away. There is a place for you.”

Singh said that at that point, “emotions came into play,” and “there was an argument…and I lose my mind a bit.”

“Power of Love”

The accused, Devanand Singh, in the interview with the Guyanese Critic, said that, contrary to comments circulating nationally, he doesn’t wield authoritarian power or have political connections, but that the only power he has is the “power of love.” Chelsea had said that, because her dad is powerful and have connections, she was afraid of the consequences of reporting the matter.

Family Defends Devenand Singh

Despite the explicit CCTV footage showing evidence to the contrary, the entire family of Mr. Singh stood by him and defended his character. They argued that the incident was a one-off and was due to the fact that Chelsea is a troublemaker. They described Mr. Singh as a loving, caring, and overprotective person and claimed that they never suffered abuse at his hands.

Businessman Says He Fears for His Life

Devenand said during the interview with the Guyanese Critic that he now fears that someone could take him out because of the way he was portrayed to the world by his daughter. He claimed to have closed his business due to the situation.

Victim Said Stepmom is Loving and Caring, and is Also a Victim of Abuse

The victim, Chelsea, is a child of the businessman’s previous marriage with a woman from whom he is now separated. For this reason, many people speculated that the abuse of the young woman might have been encouraged by the stepmother. However, Chelsea said that the stepmother, whom she calls her “mom,” and who has taken care of her from a young age, has always been loving and caring to her, and that she herself is a victim of Devenand’s abusive behavioral pattern. However, in the interview with the Guyanese Critic, the wife denied being a victim of abuse at the hands of her husband.

Victim Said that Kitty Police Station was Not Helpful

The young woman, Chelsea, explained to Big Smith News Watch that the Kitty Police Station was not professional and helpful to her. They did take her report, but did not take effective measures to help and protect her in the situation. She said she believes that corruption is rife at the Kitty Police Station where the officers tend to side with the powerful and affluent.

Victim Encourages other Victims of Domestic Violence to Speak Out

In her interview with Big Smith News Watch, Chelsea encouraged other victims of domestic abuse to speak out and seek help. She said many people and organizations have given her overwhelming support. You can always call 914 if you are facing life-threatening domestic abuse and feel like you are in a helpless and hopeless situation.

Watch Interview on Guyanese Critic

Watch Interview on Big Smith News Watch
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