Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022
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    1st of May, 2022. International News. Travel. GSA News

    Last updated: May 1, 2022 at 21:10 pm

    The Middle Easter Oil Giant, Kuwait, has today, 1st of May, 2022, announced that it has removed all Covid-19 restrictions for travelers to the destination. That means that persons traveling to Kuwait will no longer need to present proof of vaccination, be quarantined for any amount of time, or be tested for Covid-19.

    The Gulf country has also removed all internal Covid-19 mandates such as masks and vaccine passports. In other words, travel and daily life has returned to the way it was prior to the pandemic.

    Kuwait is presently ranked within the top five richest countries in the world. On several occasions, it was named the richest country in the world. Its citizens enjoy one of the highest qualities of life in the world, and the country boasts some of the world’s best infrastructure. Kuwait is synonymous with peace, wealth, and productivity.

    To see a full list of countries which have removed all Covid-19 travel requirements, click here.

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