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Family Cries for Justice After Beaten Youth Loses Mobility

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6th of May, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News

Last updated: May 6, 2022 at 12:58 pm

An 18-year-old Miner of Region 1, Keron Sandy, is currently hospitalized and in a critical condition after he was allegedly attacked by his coworker Wayne Welcome. The incident occurred on Friday, April 22, 2022 at approximately 4:00pm at Arakaka Backdam, Region 1, Guyana, South America.

According to the family, Keron Sandy and Wayne Welcome were lifting a sluice box that accidentally squeezed Wayne Welcome who then accused Keron of doing it willfully. Keron alleges that after they placed the sluice box down and he began walking away, Wayne dealt him a hit with a wood across his back. This caused Keron to fall to the ground after which Wayne, who was wearing a long boots, proceeded to stomp him about his body causing him to become temporarily unconscious.

The family further explained that Keron’s coworkers came to his rescue, and with assistance from his family, he was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical attention. The family has reported that the attending doctor informed them that Keron may have sustained injuries to his spine as a result of the stomping. They are awaiting further results to determine the extent of the injuries.

Wayne Welcome was arrested by the police in Region 1, but Keron’s family was subsequently informed that Wayne was granted bail. They are demanding justice for Keron as it is unsure what his life will be like after this and would like to see Wayne Welcome serve time for causing Keron to almost lose his life.

Anyone who is willing to assist in helping bring the perpetrator to justice can contact the family on (592) 676 2327, (592) 678 7097 or (592) 682 3560 (WhatsApp Available).

Financial contributions or donations from philanthropic persons or organizations are also welcome since the young’s man condition has put the family, who were forced to forego their work and relocate to the city, in a difficult financial position.

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