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Paranormal Activities Reported in Region 9 Schools (Redirected)

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8th of June, 2022. Region 9, Guyana, South America. GSA News

Last updated: December 17, 2022 at 0:06 am

Stories of paranormal activities such as suspected demonic attacks are not uncommon in Region 9 and have been going on for years, perhaps decades. The stories are prolific in boarding schools where students live in dorms. Numerous persons have reported that the students of these schools, especially those who live in the dorms, regularly come under what they believe are demonic attacks.

One resident posted the following photos on Facebook today and captioned it:

Pray for Aishalton Secondary School students. Devil is working here strong. We need prayers for these students.

It has been reported on various occasions that students of the dorms, especially at nights, would suddenly start to exhibit very bizarre behavior. They would run towards the mountains, contract their bodies, and scream. It would take several strong adults to constrain one child who displays this behavior.

One resident told this publication that students of a school at Bina Hill came under the attack for several consecutive nights. They would scream and yell that someone is trying to take them to the mountains. Similar events were reported from St. Ignatius Secondary in Central Rupununi and Sandcreek Secondary in South Rupununi.

In the past, several volunteer teachers from the UK have confirmed to this publication that they have witnessed these types of activities while serving in the Rupununi.

While there may be a scientific or medical explanation for these occurrences, there hasn’t been offered any such to date, and consequently, the phenomenon is being treated as one within the realms of the supernatural or paranormal.

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