Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
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    16th of June, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News.

    Last updated: June 16, 2022 at 8:50 am

    The family of Saigan Hopkinson, the 28-year-old boat captain who was discovered dead at the bottom of a fuel tank of the boat he worked on, is of the firm believe that he was murdered. Police have filed the case away as an accident, but the family says that the injuries about his body are not consistent with an accident. The family has related to this publication that they have reason to believe that the young man was murdered and his murder might have been provoked by a triangular love affair.

    The family of Hopkinson has shared the following photos taken after his death to support their argument.

    Saigan Hopkinson’s mother has further made the following the comment.

    My name is Sharmin Defreitas and Saigon Hopkinson is my first child. I have never experienced such a loss and moreso the questionable way he met his death. I might look stupid or lack of understanding but even a dunce person can look at my son’s dead body and have questions about his death.

    Let’s start from the hair which was only wet with water, discoloration from the head into the mid neck and of course internal fracture of the cervical vertebrae or neck bone which when handling as of a rag doll no control, bilateral sides of his shoulders extremely elevated on tension until it appears in a v shape and bilateral fisted hands.

    Imagine I have a picture of a big wrench that was on the boat next to his body and no questions were asked. No scent on his clothes that he was found in so that lie about found in fuel tank is from the pit of hell.

    The policemen that were present at the crime scene say they took pictures and when the time came to report they claimed all came out blurry so tell me our crime chief what is going on here in our country Guyana? What our crime chief has to say about this and our only pathologist lied and diagnosed respiratory distress due to fuel suffocation, but this displayed extreme bribery here because as a mother I’m in the health field for many years and if I can see all of these findings but whatever the our pathologist say that is what our law goes with.

    My fellow leaders, I challenge you about these findings because I have pictures as evidence of what I’m expressing here. OMG how can a human being was brutally murdered which happens to be my son and the relevant authorities are doing nothing because of the bribed autopsy? My God don’t sleep nor slumber and God will carry out his vengeance on whoever did this to my son. Saigon Hopkinson rest in perfect peace…

    Sharmin Defreita
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