Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022
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    29th of June, 2022. Georgetown, Guyana, South America. GSA News

    Last updated: June 29, 2022 at 15:21 pm

    A toxicology report confirms that significant concentrations of cyanide were present in the body of Justin Texeira and Payshnarine Hansraj – the two men who were discovered dead in a car in the parking lot of Marriott Hotel in April, 2022.

    According to the Police, the analysis conducted at the NMS Labs on samples recovered from the two bodies indicate a positive result for cyanide poisoning in both remains. The findings revealed that both remains had very significant concentrations of cyanide in the body.

    Hansraj, called “Richie,” was a 25-year-old singer/music producer from Hague Backdam, West Coast Demerara, and 34-year-old Justin Texeira was reportedly an airlines attendant. It is not clear at this point whether the deaths of the two men were the result of foul play, suicide, or murder/suicide, and there is perhaps no way that that can be known now that the two are dead.

    Texeira was at the time a guest at the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown, and he shared a close friendship with Hansraj who went to meet him at the hotel.

    Source: Action News Guyana

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