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Guyana’s National Flower Loses Record as World’s Largest Water Lily (Redirected)

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7th of July, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. .

Last updated: December 15, 2022 at 20:31 pm

The photo above shows the 6-year-old son of study co-author, Carlos Magdalena, sitting on top of the leaf of the Victoria Boliviana. Photo credit: CNN

Guyana’s National Flower, the Victoria Amazonica, has lost its record as the world’s largest water lily. Up to July, 2022, the Victoria Amazonica had boasted the title of the world’s largest water lily. However, a new water lily, called the Victoria Boliviana, has blown the Victoria Amazonica out the water and taken its spot as the world’s largest water lily.

Scientists have announced a new water lily larger than the Victoria Amazonica and named it the Victoria Boliviana after the country where it was discovered – Bolivia. The Victoria Boliviana was discovered in the Spanish speaking country of Bolivia in South America.

Scientists say that the Victoria Boliviana escaped under the radar for hundreds of years, partly because it was sometimes mistaken for the Victoria Amazonica. However, experts at London’s Kew Gardens worked with a team from Bolivia to establish that the Victoria Boliviana is in fact a distinct species.

The Victoria Boliviana is now the newest species of water lily in the world, and also the largest, belonging to the genus “Victoria” which was named after the 19th century monarch, her Royal Highest, Queen Victoria of England. The two other species of the genus are the Victoria Amazonica and the Victoria Cruziana – all of which can be seen side by side at London’s Kew Gardens.

The leaves of the Victoria Boliviana can reach a diameter of 10.5 feet and support a weight of 176 pounds.

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