July 7, 2022

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Conclusive Evidence Provided that Mysterious Person is a Homeless Man and Not a Ghost

A few days ago, we published two separate stories of persons seeing what looked like a ghost walking on the No. 19 Road in Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana. The apparition was draped in a flowing white sheet. One person was bold enough to take a photo (shown above) and post it on Facebook asking persons to comment on what it might be. Several persons came forward to say that it is actually a homeless man to whom someone had given a white bedsheet. Nevertheless, there was no conclusive evidence that the apparition photographed and the homeless man were the same.

Woman Beaten, Verbally Abused, Punished, and Humiliated for Allegedly Stealing Chairs from a Church

A disturbing video circulated today, 7th of July, 2022, on social media which shows a group of persons beating, verbally abusing, punishing, and humiliating a young Guyanese woman for allegedly stealing a number of chairs from a church. Several public figures and organizations have come forward to condemn the act which can be described as using a computer device to humiliate a person. Laws have recently been drafted to criminalize the use of a computer device to humiliate a person.