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Guyanese Man, Homeless in New York, Needs Help in Returning Home

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7th of August, 2022. Guyana, South America, GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: August 11, 2022 at 15:24 pm

A Guyanese man in Little Guyana New York, who has reportedly become homeless following a construction jobsite injury (and was abandoned by his employer after the incident), is seeking help to returning to the safety of his homeland in Rosignol, Berbice, Region 6.

The homeless man, who identified himself as Krishna Chattergoon, was interviewed on July 27, 2022 by Mr. Dennis Ramdahin (philanthropist and Founder of the charitable organization Vihara Foundation) who lives in the neighborhood.

Ramdahin, who also happens to be a professional construction safety auditor, was initially moved back in May after seeing Krishna’s hand injury. He stated Krishna’s hand was apparently mangled and severely damaged/scarred and was sitting on the sidewalk outside Tropical Jade Guyanese Chinese Restaurant (on Liberty Avenue and 108 Street), begging.

Fortunately, the Restaurant gives him food. Ramdahin offered to trace his defaulted employer’s whereabout, however, Krishna expressed assurance that a prominent lawyer on Liberty Ave had promised to assist his cause. (It is revealed the lawyer never assisted and the employer apparently was never located…per Krishna).

Months after, on midnight of July 23, Krishna was observed sound sleeping on the sidewalk of 108 street of Liberty Avenue. On the morning of July 27, Ramdahin found Krishna and intervened. Krishna expresses he just wants to go home to his empty house in Rosignol. Once there, he is wanting to go back to his profession of farming and fishing.

Mr, Ramdahin subsequently visited on July 29th the Guyana Consulate in New York and asked for assistance in repatriating Krishna to Guyana. However, the Consular General said there is nothing they can legally do since Krishna has no evidence he is a Guyana citizen; he offered to show the video he created (posted below) but the Consular General refused to even look at it.

Mr, Ramdahin subsequently made contact with the Foreign Ministry in Guyana (through a friend in Trinidad). However, the response was the same…that they cannot do anything since Krishna has no evidence to verify his nationality.

Mr. Ramdahin made a short video describing the man’s condition (posted at the end of this article) in the hopes that someone who knows him would step up to assist in getting him back home. “At the moment, Krishna is an orphan to the broken system…since he cannot prove his identity,” said Ramdahin.

Persons knowing him can swear legal affidavit as to his identity, which can then help in obtaining a copy of his birth certificate, copy of his passport, or even copy of his USA Entry Visa.

Mr. Ramdahin disclosed he himself will purchase a plane ticket for Krishna to return to Guyana. However, it is impossible to put him on a flight due to no passport and these bureaucratic stumbling blocks. Krishna has no fixed place of abode but is found most of the time at the corner of 108 street and Liberty Avenue, Little Guyana. At 8pm he takes to the Train and rides the system until 5am (or until cops put him out).

If you can help in this situation, kindly contact Mr. Ramdahin on facebook messenger, or via email

Kindly share this article so it can reach the eyes of someone who can help this situation.
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