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Bascom Says “No Apology” to Mohamed

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15th of August, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News

Last updated: August 15, 2022 at 16:37 pm

Senior Detective, Dion Bascom, who made a scathing commentary implicating Mohamed’s Enterprise and the Guyana Police Force in the shooting death of Ricardo Fagundes, has said through his lawyer, Nigel Hughes, that he is holding his ground and will not offer any apology to Mohamed’s Enterprise or well known businessman and philanthropist, Azzrudin Mohamed.

This declaration came in response to Mohamed’s call, through his lawyer, for Bascom to retract his damaging accusations suggesting that the Guyana Police Force was bribed by Mohamed’s Enterprise to thwart the investigative process into Fagundes’ execution.

Part of the Letter from Nigel Hughes Reads as Follows:

We have been consulted by Mr. Dion Bascom in relation to your letters dated the 12th instant addressed to him on behalf of your clients Mitchell Ceasar, Azruddin Mohamed and Mark Anthony Richmond, all of which were delivered simultaneously by your agent. We are instructed to inform you as we hereby do, that our client rejects the demands contained in several letters and has instructed to inform you that the contents of the broadcast are true in substance and in fact. We are instructed that your clients are no doubt aware that an investigation into the murder of Ricardo Fegundes was commenced by the Guyana Police Force which included a team of investigators including our client. During the course of the investigation, material information was obtained which justified and continues to justify the statements made by our client…. We are finally instructed to inform you, as we hereby do, that should your clients contemplate the commencement of any of the proceedings contained in your letter, they will be stoutly defended.

Dion Bascom’s Attorney, Nigel Hughes, to Mohamed’s Attorney, Sohan Poonai

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