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Breaking…Amber Andrews Says She will NOT Reign as Queen

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18th of September, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: September 18, 2022 at 23:15 pm

The young indigenous woman who was crowned on the evening of Saturday, 17th of September, as Amerindian Heritage Queen 2022-2024 has made a Press Release via her Facebook Page stating that she will NOT reign as queen because she will be stripped of the title. She says she was “informed” that the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs will take the crown away from her, because they say it was given to her in error, and give it to another contestant, possibly the first runner up. However, she did not mention who informed her of this development and this publication sincerely questions the legitimacy of this idea.

Amber Andrews was crowned on Saturday at the National Cultural Center after a series of grueling performances and tests. Some persons in attendance made an outcry that Amber does not deserve the crown because she floundered on the final question while Kristie Emily Rembharat answered it gracefully. There were also other objections as to why Amber should not have won. Those against her were very vocal at the event as well as on social media. Nevertheless, Amber was crowned after a rigorous judicial process.

Amber says she and her family are deeply embarrassed by this whole fiasco, adding that “no one deserves this.”

Team Guyana South America wishes to urge the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs to get its act together. Amber Andrews was crowned as Amerindian Heritage Queen 2022 and the judges’ decision should be final – despite how vocal her detractors may be.

Full Statement from Amber Andrews

First, I want to thank all of my supporters who stood by me throughout my journey. I also want to thank all the persons who reached out to me or my family sending words of encouragement after lastnight’s fiasco. I deeply appreciate it.

Secondly, I will NOT reign as the Miss Amerindian Heritage Queen 2022-2024. The reason is that I was informed that the MoAA will stripp the title from me. I was in NO WAY responsible for any judging criteria and if I’m to be honest I was shocked as EVERYONE else. I was cheering for all the delegates on and off the stage. But after the crowning moment I now realize they were never cheering for me (except Regions 1,6 and 8 )

Thirdly, I wish to explain in words the emotional damage the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs has caused me and my family. It is an embarrassment. I was publicly humiliated. I’m hurt. NO ONE deserves this.

Good luck to whomever they handpicked since the judges decision was not final.

Region 4 or 7?

End of statement.

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